Continuous product innovation with a high involvement of all in the supply chain as well as the improvement of production and logistics processes lead to cost reductions. Every company can now have clean electrical energy with a power factor better than 0.99 with a small investment.

Almost every industry, data centre or commercial building has to deal with non-linear loads. The harmonic contamination of electrical energy that results then has an adverse effect on the proper functioning of electrical and electronic devices, increases wear and maintenance costs, increases the risk of malfunctions and reduces the capacity of the electrical installation. For detailed information on how our filters optimize your power quality both technically and economically, mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing energy landscape

A reliable, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable electricity system is the cornerstone of a modern society. The Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the digital revolution and combines multiple technologies that are leading to unprecedented paradigm shifts in the economy, business, society, and for individuals. It involves the transformation of entire systems. The electricity landscape is a prime example of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as it undergoes transformation, becoming more complex than ever before, with rapidly evolving technologies, emerging innovative business models and shifting regulatory landscapes.

Although necessary and promising, three major changes (renewable energy, decentralization and the large-scale use of power electronics) bring new challenges for the industry. New phenomena are introduced into voltage and current which, if left unchecked, have major consequences for safety, wear, continuity, quality and costs of industrial processes. Costs that can rise to 4% of the annual turnover according to independent European research.

Introduction of renewable energy

Decentralization of energy production

Explosive growth of energy-saving power

We optimize and manage your Power to reduce energy consumption and save costs

Our focus and our systematic approach are to promote the use of energy and to maintain the process and installation technology in buildings and industry. Various objectives such as investments, operating costs, cost efficiency and energy efficiency are examined and evaluated. This in turn leads to an optimal implementation strategy. This leads to safety for people and machines, prevents breakdowns and interruption of your processes, increases the quality of your production and above all saves you a lot of costs and annoyance.

Power Analysis & Savings

Power Quality & Safety

Power Management & Continuity

How we help our customers through open consultation and mutual trust

We like to see ourselves as sparring partners who are open at any time and for every question from our customers. We are not magicians who just shake up an answer. Intensive cooperation, mutual involvement and knowledge sharing of highly specialized teams at both the customer and with us work step by step towards the optimal quality, safety and sustainability of industrial processes.

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