Together we effectively reduce your energy bill

Whether industry, hospitality, trade, service or logistics - we support you with the development and implementation of measures that increase the energy efficiency of your operations and conserve resources. In doing so, we address both the technical as well as the economic cost optimization and implement all necessary measures. All of the measures we propose are easy to install and can be implemented immediately.

Step 1: Screening

The screening begins with a load profile analysis. It is well suited to quickly and directly detect conspicuously high power consumption with low investment measures and changes in setting parameters. In the subsequent Bench-marking, we will be mapping specific electricity figures in order to find optimized technology. All we need from you is your electricity consumption from the past year, which you receive from the your energy provider. In addition, the location data such as annual electricity consumption, area information and addresses.

Step 2: on-site inspection

In step 2, the sites are subjected to a detailed inspection and the outcome of step 1 will be discussed in detail. If necessary, corrections of control parameters are already proposed here. In the there after following report, you will find a sound analysis and explanation of the consumption. Weaknesses for electricity and heat as well as concrete measures are pointed out and costs of investments as well as calculated savings.

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