Save by optimizing your input power.

Power optimization is the processes to control the input power that will be aligned with the power that you use. You will consequently make savings on your energy bill. We Save Power offers three major solutions to power optimization.

The first opportunity is to secure the power quality of your network. This must be considered in all cases. Reactive energy costs may be added to your bill and in any case, reduce the capacity of your transformers and cable system. Harmonics of order 3n+2 (i.e. 5th harmonic, characteristic of many variable frequency drivers) will try to make your induction motor to turn in the opposite angle of what is expected creating a counter force in the stator.

The second opportunity is to control your voltage and in some cases to reduce it within the nominal range. Renewable energy sources with their rapid changes due to changing weather conditions and the growth of highly variable loads are driving a significant increase of voltage variations and often an average voltage value above nominal. Generally speaking, equipment lifetime will reduce with the voltage increase. On the other hand equipment may fail when the voltage is too low. A good quality voltage conditioner to correct both over and under voltage offers great opportunities of power optimization. 

The third opportunity of savings through power optimization is to use smart and easy implementable control systems such as Minos for public street lighting and Simple life for building and site management to dim lighting or control room temperature in function of the occupancy.  

Secure the good power quality of your network
Reactive energy generator 
Active harmonic filters

Master your voltage
Single phase local voltage conditioners
Three Phase central voltage conditioners 

Control your power
Lamp dimming