Save by improving your processes efficiency.

Power efficiency is often confused with power optimization. Although both will lead to savings, they do mean different solutions. Efficiency is the ratio of the power at the output of a system to the power at the input of the same system, while power optimization is to reduce the input power to align it with the real needs. Since the year 2000, manufacturers have designed components and systems that are more efficient. The most popular is Led. Reactive and harmonic currents are the two major root causes of inefficient electrical systems. Typical electrical design of transformers and cables includes safety margins. While those are recommended to take network extension into account, it might not be adequate to use the extra capacity or a significant part of it for useless currents. Beside many other benefits of limiting reactive and harmonic currents, reactive energy generators or harmonic filters will improve the efficiency of your network and increase the available capacity.     

A second opportunity to improve efficiency is to consider your premises as a global system and to install the necessary monitoring and controls. Most of your systems are equipped with smart controllers which optimize the performance of an individual system. Yet, systems are inter-related and subject to human interaction. Savings justify the adoption of a building management system. The challenge is that those systems come often with high initial costs and consequently a long and sophisticated design process. We Save Power solves this problem by offering you a management system without infrastructure costs or radio. Based on mastered power line communication, the solution comes with very low initial costs, is highly scalable and reconfigurable. Consequently, it will enable you to measure and control any energy burning equipment without long engineering studies and high capital expenditure. 

Reactive energy generator: Perfect cos Phi and balanced network for the worse electrical loads

Active Harmonic Filters
User friendly and cheaper than you think

Site management system
Nor radio, neither infrastructure cost