The Active Harmonic Filters range from WSP is the broadest range of world class filters. From 5A per module in a 19” 1U format easily installed, among others, in data processing environment, to 150A per module widely used in the most demanding industries, the range is characterised by its outstanding correction of the harmonics from the 2nd to the 50th order in a volume smaller than many competitive products. Modular and scalable with the needs, this power electronic current source is the ultimate solution to offer reactive energy compensation, harmonics and phase unbalance correction in a single solution. Unique algorithms secure the absence of resonance with the circuit where it is installed.

Power made efficient

  • Mitigation from 2nd to 50th harmonic order
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Network balance
  • Unlimited parallel operation
  • Enhanced reliability and protection modes
  • Embedded wifi server for control on any terminal

Control at fingertip

The solution provides locally and remotely a comprehensive set of measurement data for analytical means:

  • Grid and load RMS voltages and currents.
  • Grid and load voltage and current distortions (THDu and THDi).
  • Frequency.
  • Graphical waveforms and harmonic spectrum per phase
  • Log book of alarms and events (change of settings).

The AHF can be delivered in rackable or wall mounted modules which can be installed in parallel anywhere on the electrical line. As the system can be easily upgraded, it is not necessary to over-dimension the capacity to take into account future needs. Indoor large systems can be achieved by paralleling cabinets each delivering up to 750A.   IP 54 solutions are also available when the solution must be installed in harsh environments.

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