In today's capital intensive production processes, Oliver has earned back his money after one avoidable production outage

Oliver ensures a revolutionary new protection against instable mains supply: The voltage optimization system operates as an online system. It corrects voltage deviations in real time (<1ms) and is easily integratable in industrial surroundings.

Even in modern, well-equipped energy supply nets, voltage dips occur. Voltage fluctuation in mains power supply nets are increasing and present a probable danger to industrial production processes. Even voltage sags lasting only 17 ms can cause significant production problems, creating operation outages. With Oliver (Online Voltage Regulation) you secure quality and  protection against over- and/or under-voltage up to +/- 40%. Voltage sags are corrected in real-time and the mains voltage is held continuously to the required value. Should deviations from the required voltage occur, counter-measurement sets in within 0.140 ms and the voltage is stabilized back to the specified value within < 5 ms (control setting time).

Oliver offers a three-phase active mains control voltage regulation to high-dynamic correction of symmetrical and non-symmetrical voltage dips and/or phase asymmetries in electrical energy supply. Oliver can also be used as fast reacting voltage stabilizer for voltage stabilizing of voltage fluctuations.

With Oliver protected machines perform even better than the SEMI F47-706 standard for equipment in the semiconductor industry.



Technical Specifications

Nominal power: 150kVA, 300 kVA, 600 kVA, 900 kVA, 1200 kVA, 1500, 1800 kVA; higher power on request
Nominal AC voltage: 200V...220V; 380V...440V; 460V...480V; different voltages on request
Correction power: ± 10 % continuously
Single phase Sag: 45 % UN – 100 % (30 s); 0 % UN – 55 % (10 s)
Three phase Sag: 60 % UN - 100 % (30 s); 50 % UN - 90 % (10 s); 40 % UN - 70 % (10 s)
Overload capacity: 150 % IN (30 s)
Overload capacity in operating condition: 20 kA / 150 ms, 40 kA / 10 ms
Control accuracy output voltage: ±1 % steady state;  ±3 % during voltage drop
Reaction time: 140 μs
Control setting time: < 10 ms
Efficiency: > 98 % (typical 99 %)

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