SVG Static Var Generator is the new standard in reactive energy compensation. This power electronic current source is the accurate and highly reliable solution for todays networks characterised by significant increase in harmonics, voltage variations caused by intermittent renewable sources connected to the network and voltage level due to the smart grid development. The DSP controlled IGBT topology enables a perfect compensation on each phase for both inductive and capacitive loads. It also correct phase unbalance where necessary. Immune to harmonics, resonance and voltage level, it offers a maintenance free solution reusable in any network configuration.


The modular PQC Power Quality Compensation range enables to reach a power factor close to one by correcting at a very affordable cost both the reactive energy and the most dominant harmonics. With the continued installation of power electronic devices such as motor speed control by means of variable frequency drives or electronic ballast for lighting and process controllers, harmonics are a critical concern. Those harmonics can be corrected with a filter integrated in the device by the OEM (this is required for application with an input below 16A per phase).  For higher power, the extra cost for such filtering is generally by far exceeding the cost of an external filter.


The AHF Active Harmonic Filters range from WSP is the broadest range of world class filters. From 5A per module in a 19" 1U format easily installed, among others, in data processing environment, to 150A per module widely used in the most demanding industries, the range is characterised by its outstanding correction of the harmonics from the 2nd to the 50th order in a volume smaller than many competitive products. Modular and scalable with the needs, this power electronic current source is the ultimate solution to offer reactive energy compensation, harmonics and phase unbalance correction in a single solution. Unique algorithms secure the absence of resonance with the circuit where it is installed.


EVR Electronic voltage optimizers, regulators and conditioners allow commercial enterprises of any size to optimize voltage to match individual facility needs, exactly. Voltage conditioners safely bridge voltage anomalies and ensure maximum uptime and motor life for valuable production equipment, while safely operating on grid voltage. The automatic voltage conditioners provide tightly controlled voltage through both transient and longer-term low or high voltage events, while balancing 3-phase power.




Oliver EVR and Sag Ride Through, ensures a revolutionary new protection against instable mains supply: The voltage optimization system operates as an online system. It corrects voltage deviations in real time (<1ms) and is easily integratable in industrial surroundings. voltage sags lasting only 17 ms can cause significant production problems, creating operation outages. With Oliver (Online Voltage Regulation) you secure quality and  protection against over- and/or under-voltage up to +/- 40%. Voltage sags are corrected in real-time and the mains voltage is held continuously to the required value. Should deviations from the required voltage occur, counter-measurement sets in within 0.140 ms and the voltage is stabilized back to the specified value within < 5 ms (control setting time).


LIC smart connected indoor and outdoor Led lighting: Not just light but a new platform of services ready to be connected. Thanks to its innovative technological solutions, the LIC System turns the outdoor lighting in a new smart grid present on the territory. The street lamp becomes a new support able to integrate and activate a wide range of services to improve the quality of life and makes Buildings and Cities more smart, safe and eco sustainable.