The modular PQC range enables to reach a power factor close to one by correcting at a very affordable cost both the reactive energy and the most dominant harmonics.

With the continued installation of power electronic devices such as motor speed control by means of variable frequency drives or electronic ballast for lighting and process controllers, harmonics are a critical concern.  (Please note that those need to be measured in current and not only in voltage as often thought).

Those harmonics can be corrected with a filter integrated in the device by the OEM (this is required for application with an input below 16A per phase).  For higher power, the extra cost for such filtering is generally by far exceeding the cost of an external filter.

Passive filters require intensive engineering knowledge and are designed for a specific configuration network.  Full active harmonic filters, mandatory in  the most demanding applications (weak circuits, isolated circuits …), are often perceived as too expensive for many industries.  As a result most industries do not correct their harmonics with uncontrolled consequences such as unexplained changes in relays or unexpected activation of protections, perturbation of field buses, counter electromagnetic forces in motors, reduced capacity of the network, increased losses, internal temperature increase of transformers, reduced lifetime of equipment.

The PQC opens new opportunities to optimise industrial power circuits.  It offers the following attractive benefits.

  • Full exact reactive power compensation on each phase
  • From inductive to capacitive mode, user settable cos phi target
  • Elimination of odd harmonics till 11th order
  • Secured load balancing between phases
  • Fast response time
  • Modularity and scalability
  • Unlimited parallel operation
  • Enhanced reliability and protection modes

The PQC can be delivered as rack mounted or wall mounted modules which can be easily installed in parallel anywhere on the electrical line. As the system can be easily upgraded, it is not necessary to over-dimension the capacity to take into account future needs. Indoor large systems can be achieved by paralleling cabinets each delivering up to 500kVAR.   IP 54 solutions are also available when the equipment needs to be installed in harsh environments.



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