Save up to 80% on energy consumption

LIC Connected Led light protects the environment and contributes to even greater energy savings. Smart connected light reduces energy consumption by up to 80% and also significantly reduces maintenance costs. In addition, point-to-point remote management allows personalized decisions on how, where and how much to save, improving efficiency and service quality.

Intelligence is integrated as standard in our LED lights and automatically forms a controllable and cost-saving network.

The advantages of LIC Connected Light

  • More lumens per watt, better light and more comfort
  • Automatically controlled by presence detection
  • Automatic dimming based on incident daylight
  • Energy saving up to 80%
  • Significantly longer lifespan of the Led lamps
  • Low maintenance and replacement costs
  • Optimal network security at bank level
  • Ready for future connectivity
  • Suitable for integration in almost all common building management systems

Safety at the heart of the design

MyMesh is developed with security at the core of its architecture. Each MyMesh node is personalized with a unique ID and key so it can join the network and receive authenticated software updates. For personalization and general key management, MyMesh uses hardware security modules (HSM) similar to those found in the banking industry.

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