There are no more questions on why a city should consider integrating intelligent electronic based solutions. The critical point remains how to do it.  We Save Power believes in sound investment, high flexible and scalability to the needs. We like solutions that address the researched benefits one after the other based on the needs of the community.The WSP solution for the public lighting infrastructure offers almost infinite opportunities to create value for all people and improve our environment.

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Street lighting is an essential public service to reduce accidents and crime and allow economic activity after sunset. Intelligent street-lighting technology can also lower energy consumption as well as operation and maintenance costs significantly. Cities are increasingly investing in energy-efficient street lighting systems to replace or enhance their systems. Intelligent energy management is the major step towards low-energy lighting solutions. The use of state-of-the-art communication systems offers both optimal reliability and the lowest installation costs.

Tunnels    Highways    Parking lots   City street and places

Electrical and electronic equipment is continuously growing in vessels. Extended electronic control enables to operate ships more efficiently with less people. However the vessels electrical grid are “island grids” and consequently highly sensitive to harmonic and reactive power content. We Save Power newest technologies are implemented to correct all defaults are very competitive costs to enjoy efficient and comfortable journeys.

Ports are characterized by very high and fast changing loads. Power Quality is essential for the good health and correct operation of equipment, to avoid any electrical penalties and to avoid the need to reinforce the cable network.

Very high investments are made on the continuity of operations. Yet, power failures remain the first root cause (see Cost of data center outages report 2016 published by the Ponemon institute) of  the very high cost of datacenter outages. Voltage variations, harmonics and reactive energy are often not sufficiently considered in the evaluation of operations of the back-up solutions in frequently changing infrastructures.

While the efficiency of most processes and equipment in the industry has been greatly improved over two decades, many solutions are addressed like islands. Their implementation has led to a deterioration of the power quality with multiple consequences on efficiency, process interruption and shorter lifetime of equipment. Together with the deregulation of the electricity market, the improvement of the power quality offers significant opportunities in savings on operations for large, medium and small companies.  

Aluminum    Automotive    Cement    Chemical    Food and Beverage    Life Sciences    Metals    Mining    Printing   Pulp and Paper    Semiconductor

Many public buildings are the legacy of our history and cannot be modified unless at very high investment levels. The solution of We Save Power enables to implement monitoring and control technology in public buildings without any heavy infrastructure work and with great ease. Including   energy metering, lighting, temperature and presence control.

Government buildings    Embassies    Schools    Museum

Investing in energy efficiency in the commercial and services sector improves asset value by reducing operational and maintenance costs.  While it can be easily implemented in the early design of new buildings, it comes generally with high initial investment cost for existing buildings. We Save Power solves this with a highly flexible and scalable solution without radio or infrastructure costs.  Among others, the application enables to control a wide area of commercial buildings and to easily consolidate and benchmark their energy consumption.

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