Scalable | Secure | Robust | Intelligent

The Mesh IoT protocol creates a wireless network that acts as a self-managing platform for the application of sensors and controllers. Within a Mesh network, sensors and controllers self-organize and form an integrated IoT platform that independently controls different actors (devices) and executes applications without requiring a controlling "master" computer. A Mesh network is a distributed system with a collective intelligence. There are no master-slave relationships. This not only makes the network extremely scalable, but also extremely robust (self-repairing). With these two features, Mesh is very different from traditional wired or other wireless networks. This makes the technology suitable for the growing demand for scalable, robust IoT networks.

Better cost control and more customer satisfaction

The first step in improving lighting quality and safety and reducing energy consumption is the introduction of LIC LED lighting. Depending on the type of lamp to be replaced results in an energy saving of up to 50%. LIC Connected Light protects the environment and contributes to even greater energy savings. Connected Light reduces energy consumption by up to 80% and also significantly reduces maintenance costs. In addition, point-to-point remote management allows personalized decisions on how, where and how much to save, improving efficiency and service quality.

Safety at the heart of the design

MyMesh is developed with security at the core of its architecture. Each MyMesh node is personalized with a unique ID and key so it can join the network and receive authenticated software updates. For personalization and general key management, MyMesh uses hardware security modules (HSM) similar to those found in the banking industry.