Save on controlling your loads

Saving on load management comes from your control of the energy bills today and will open great opportunities for tomorrow.  The content of the invoices depends on how you are connected to the network.  For customers connected to the medium voltage through a dedicated transformer or to a shared (MV/LV) transformer through a dedicated line, their bills include three major topic related to their consumption.

  • The active energy (kWH): the actual energy required to operate your equipment
  • The reactive energy (kVAR): this useless energy is typically billed when it exceeds 33% or 40% of your active energy. 
  • The quarter peak power: the last 12 months maximum power averaged over 15 minutes

Would not it be better than you actually master those three components rather than regret to pay for what you could have avoided.   if you have already taken measures for the two lasts part, the "near" future will offer you great opportunities on the first.  Indeed, the demand side management already applicable to high voltage networks will be extended to the other networks.  It will offer the opportunity to shift loads to the best tariffs or to resell load capacity. To do this effectively one needs to understand the consumption over time, analyse the opportunities to amend the business processes to offer a greater flexibility and test the models.

Reactive energy generators
Replace your capacitor banks (see comparison)
Reduce your electricity bills
Secure the operation of your generator

Voltage regulators and Sag Fighters
No dips, no maintenance, no costs


Active harmonic filters
Reduce the risk of process disruption