Awareness: From a user perspective, electricity is the most attractive energy. Once the infrastructure is installed it can be used like tap water, which is available whenever we need it. Electricity offers two major additional benefits. The network can be used for electronic communication over the power lines and you can add and benefit from your own source of energy to use, to store or to sell. Unfortunately, like tap water, your electricity may not be "pure" with disastrous consequences on your processes, equipment and thus your cost of doing business. We follow the three major trends which influence the optimal usage of electricity now and in the future.

Expertise: Do you know the quality and content of electricity and how it may affect safety and the lifetime of your equipment? Electrical "impurities" may not be visible. Therefore, they deserve regular measurements to avoid penalties or business discontinuities. Whether you plan to install power quality equipment or you are looking for smart public space solutions or building management systems, we shall share with you a common understanding of the quality of your network and present our solutions where effectively applicable.


Power efficiency is often confused with power optimization. Although both will lead to savings, they do mean different solutions. Efficiency is the ratio of the power at the output of a system to the power at the input of the same system, while power optimization is to reduce the input power to align it with the real needs.



Power optimization is the processes to control the input power that will be aligned with the power that you use. You will consequently make savings on your energy bill. We Save Power offers three major solutions to power optimization.



Business continuity concepts affect your equipment by increasing their lifetime and reducing your maintenance costs. As your business infrastructure and its electrical environment are constantly changing, you should regularly analyze your power quality, discuss the results and bring simple remedies when necessary.



Load Management offers substantial savings by understanding and mastering your energy bill. It brings the opportunity to reduce peak power, shift loads to the best tariffs or to resell load capacity. To do this effectively one needs to understand the consumption over time, analyse the opportunities to amend the business processes to offer a greater flexibility and test the models.