SVG is the new standard in reactive energy compensation. This power electronic current source is the accurate and highly reliable solution for today’s networks characterised by significant increase in harmonics, voltage variations caused by intermittent renewable sources connected to the network and voltage level due to the smart grid development. The DSP controlled IGBT topology enables a perfect compensation on each phase for both inductive and capacitive loads. It also correct phase unbalance where necessary. Immune to harmonics, resonance and voltage level, it offers a maintenance free solution reusable in any network configuration.


 Power made efficient

  • Full Reactive Power Compensation on each phase
  • From inductive to capacitive mode, user settable cos phi target
  • Load balancing between phases
  • 15 msec response time for full correction
  • Utra-compact, space economical design
  • Unlimited parallel operation
  • Enhanced reliability and protection modes

The SVG can be delivered in rackable or wall mounted modules which can be installed in parallel anywhere on the electrical line. As the system can be easily upgraded, it is not necessary to over-dimension the capacity to take into account future needs. Indoor large systems can be achieved by paralleling cabinets each delivering up to 500kVAR.   IP 54 solutions are also available when the solution must be installed in harsh environments. 

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