Substantial savings on energy consumption and maintenace

LIC Connected Led light helps to protect the environment and works towards an even higher level of energy saving. Through the reduction of energy consumption and targeted scheduling of maintenance work, it helps to reduce the energy consumption up to 72% and a substatial saving on maintenance costs.

  • The statistical breakdown of maintenance costs is the following:
    - Employees: 26%
    - Materials and spare parts: 26%
    - Vehicles and equipment: 32%
    - Troubleshooting: 16%

  • Using Smart Lighting solutions, the savings are as follows:
    - Employees: -20%
    - Materials and spare parts: -20%
    - Vehicles and equipment: -25%
    - Troubleshooting: -100%

  • Expensive rounds for troubleshooting will no longer be necessary. Management information about the nature of the disorder and detailed control only requires targeted intervention where and when it is really necessary.

When you control the lights you control the city

MyMesh is an RF based wireless connectivity protocol that is radio agnostic and has nodes that inter-operate and self-organize a connected and fully integrated wireless IoT Platform. A Mesh network is a large distributed system with a collective intelligence – a key characteristic that differentiates MyMesh from traditional wired or wireless networks and makes it extremely scalable and resilient. It creates a fully meshed network topology for Internet of Things devices and applications.

The MyMesh Outdoor Light Control Suite allows you to turn any (legacy) street lighting infrastructure into a smart & wireless lighting system that inherently is the foundation for a smart city platform. The smart lighting sensors and controls form a dense network throughout your city that besides controlling a city’s lights, can be exploited to monitor and control other smart city systems & applications. MyMesh networks supported applications and end-to-end solutions have successfully been deployed in cities, highways and large industrial complexes.

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